What is private yoga?
Private yoga sessions provide the opportunity for a more personal connection between student and teacher. This allows for the development of a unique practice that will fit your specific needs and interests, whether you are working with an injury, health related issue or seeking to gain more strength and flexibility.

What is private yoga good for?  How do I know it is for me?
Private sessions are appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioner and your teacher uses information about your age, injury, condition of health, and level of experience to tailor your unique yoga session. Yoga can help you develop greater strength and flexibility, it also promotes better balance and stability,and can help you manage stress and anxiety. Studies show that yoga can even help to reduce blood pressure. In these one on one sessions your teacher can develop a practice for you that can benefit virtually any structural or functional challenge.

What should I expect in a private yoga session?
In a private yoga session you can expect individualized attention and the development of a program that works specifically for your needs and interests. Sessions are 60 minutes and combine movement, breath awareness, mindful observation, and restorative postures in order to help you meet your goals.

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I have been doing private yoga with Caroline for over 9 months now. I look forward to our Monday sessions in which I de-stress, decompress and center myself. We work on alignment, strength, flexibility and stability which is a great balance to my aggressive workout routine. She is a stickler on form and is able to make appropriate adjustments to my poses. All those years of doing it wrong are hard to undo! Caroline always greets me with warmth and reminds me to take this time for myself and appreciate every moment
— jr
I have been taking private yoga sessions with Caroline for 18 months; initially as a rather intimidated beginner; it gave me the opportunity to build my confidence, make mistakes and ask questions. Now I combine private yoga with classes. Caroline tailors each session to my particular goal whether de-stress, mental release; muscle tightness or just an opportunity to challenge myself and correct my poses.

I love working with Caroline she is the perfect combination of professional, knowledgeable and caring.
— VG
As a cyclist I spend 5 hours a day on a bike, and after a day of riding when I work with Caroline a session seems to rejuvenate me and make me feel even again. One of the best parts I have found with her that I wasn’t able to accomplish with other people is if an injury is bothering me for some reason at the beginning or midway thru a season she is quickly able to adapt what we are doing without skipping a beat
— ms
I practice yoga to increase core strength, flexibility, and to improve my ability to be calm in the moment. At my first session with Caroline, she took the time to discover my objectives and with patience and understanding, she designed a practice that was perfect for me. Caroline is not only an expert instructor, but has compassion and patience and made me feel good about myself.
— LM