Utthita Trikonasa (Triangle Pose)

Start with the legs 3 to three and a half feet apart (maybe more if you are tall or have long legs). Spin the right leg out 90 degrees from the hip so that the foot points out and to the right. Angle the left foot in slightly, press the outer edge of the foot down to feel a lift of the arch of the foot. Firm the outer ankle in. Hinge from the hip (don't bend at the waist) to bring the torso over the right leg. Wrap your right hip back and draw the right sitting bone underneath you, while grounding down through your right big toe mound. Continue to press back through the left leg. Bring your hand to your shin, a block or to the floor under your shoulder. Roll the ribs around the spine to open the chest. Reach the top arm up to the sky, roll the shoulders back and broaden across your collar bones. Turn your gaze up the your thumb.  To come out, press down into the left big toe mound and pull yourself up to standing (repeat on the left.)

Triangle pose strengthens and stretches the muscles of the legs and aligns the bones. It also helps to relieve back pain and tightness.